About GG.GG

GG.gg is the fastest and easy way to share, save, track your links. You can use GG.gg via our website or you can download GG.gg browser extentions. You can create also custom short url if You wanna get easy to remember url. GG.gg uses powerful webservers so all Your links works extremly fast.

Our pros

  • No ads
  • 301 Redirect ( Better for Your SEO )
  • Ability to choose a custom shortened URL
  • Quick “share” links for Twitter, Facebook, and FriendFeed
  • Ability to track visitors
  • URL shortener chrome extension
  • URL shortener firefox extension
  • Extensions for Opera


If You'll have any questions or suggestions You can contact us via contact form.


We do not allow spam, scam, child porn and all illegal links